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Join Zen for Business owner, Lisa Holland and Yoga for the Peaceful/Prana-Preneur Owner, Brittany Phelps for three sessions to Invigorate your business. Business owners are visionaries; due to the ever-challenging business climate, we can be required to remain involved in the necessary day-to-day operations year after year. If you recognize this pattern then we invite you to join us and other business owners to get back in touch with your visionary role and leader of your organization. Together we will explore higher strategies for our organizations and leave feeling supported and energized to take the next steps forward. 

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We are offering 3 "Lunch-Break" workshops. You can sign up for these events on Event Brite! If you can't make it in person, you can join us via livestream.  Click below to learn more!

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Workshop Topics

April 8th- Starting at the Core


Together we will dive in and use these workshops as working lunches to maximize your time. You will walk out of these workshops having completed a number of exercises, a clearer vision and you will have the beginnings of your road-map for immediate implementation.

May 9th- Cultivating a Culture


Our company values guide us in the behavior required to ensure that our company mission is achieved and is engrained in our operating principles. Customers, employees, investors want the companies that they do business with to possess the same values that they have. Your business needs to be relatable! We will explore how your company currently communicates who you are and how you serve. 

May 23rd- Mindful Marketing


The word "marketing" tends to have a few negative connotations; to some it is intimidating, to others it is "salesy." We see marketing as a communications tool through which we can achieve our business goals. In this session we will tie our purpose, vision, culture, and communications together to create a solid business foundation. 

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