12 Month Conscious Entrepreneur Mentorship

Group Meetings

We meet twice/month and focus on big topics such as leadership development, mindful business strategy, conscious communication, marketing with integrity, sustainable financial planning, entrepreneurial mindset; as well as subtler topics such as the differences between purpose & passion, embodying a leadership role, connecting to "your ideal day," internal willpower, our ability to shift perspectives and bending time!

Private Coaching

In this program you receive one 60 minute coaching call per month to receive individualized attention that will guide and support you in pursuit of your goals. 

Together we set realistic goals, create action steps and achieve them, one by one. 

We meet as a group twice per year at an Art of Luxury Retreat in Telluride, CO and a Sacred Strategy & Planning Retreat in New Mexico!

Unlimited Support

Brittany and her staff are available to support you via email, phone, and other digital communication channels. We are here to further your momentum, how we do this will become clear as we begin to work together

You are encouraged to utilize our Prana-Preneur Private Online Forum, Participate in both free & discounted Prana-Preneur courses & gain access to Prana-Preneur Resource Guide & Prana-Preneurs best practices

2019 Session begins April 25th!

Call Dates & Themes

Calls are the First & Second Thursday of each month from 3:00-4:30pm (MST)

April 25- Setting Intentions & Targets

May 2- Identifying Core Values & Solution Driven Values

May 9- Financial Planning, Budget Creation and Understanding debts

June 6- What role do YOU play in your business?

June 13- Defining your "Exit Strategy"

July 11- Creating Pillars of Marketing Success

July 18- Aligning Finances and Spirituality. Utilizing Financial Information/Data.

August 1- Setting Boundaries and the POWER OF NO!

August 8- Overwhelm is a Systems Issue- Designing your Systems.

August 14-18: Sacred Strategy Retreat, Crested Butte to Aspen & Back

September 5- Communicating Core Messages & Core Values

September 12- Understanding Cash Flow & Profit Margins

October 3- You can't say it, until you see it!

November 1- Dual Nature of Entrepreneurs; Thinking Fast & Slow

November 8- Setting Yourself Apart & Overcoming Fear

December 5- End of Year Education and Preparation

December 12- Listening & Negotiating

January 9-Balance & Burn Out. Creating Healthy Routines

January 16- Being an Energetic Generator & an Economic Generator.

January 27-31- Art of Luxury Retreat, Santa Fe, New Mexico

February 6- Money Rule #1 Don't ever lose money! Making money is a practice! 

February 13- Love your people, create a cycle of appreciation

March 5- Systems are long-term; create easy to follow systems.

March 12- Absolute Potential. 

You can download these dates and topics using the links below. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to know more about the content being shared. 

In joining this mentorship you receive:

  • 2 group calls per month 
  • 1 one-on-one meeting per month
  • An Art of Luxury Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Minimal additional travel costs required)
  • Sacred Strategy + Adventure Trek from Crested Butte to Aspen (Minimal additional travel costs required)
  • Online Forum & Network
  • Free & Discounted Prana-Preneur Courses: Mindful Marketing & Chakra Systems for Business
  • Access to Prana-Preneur Resource Guide & Prana-Preneurs best practices
  • A Prana-Preneur (TM) Certification

Group Mentorship Tuition

This year I am committing to my future, my success and my ability to live a life of fulfillment and abundance. I am investing in myself, and I am ready to make my $108 deposit today.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card