May - December 2020

TRIBE Mastermind

Join Brittany and 8 Conscious Entrepreneurs with proven track record for a 7-month MASTERMIND focused on Leadership + Achievement, Inspiration + Fulfillment, Innovation + Influencing, and Mindset + Self-Improvement. 

TRIBE Mastermind Includes:

Monthly Group Coaching

Enjoy learning alongside fellow entrepreneurs. Group calls are in either a lecture format or a live, forum-based conversation. These are 90 minute calls. 

Monthly One-On-One Meeting

Early in the mentorship you will identify your specific goals and objectives. One-on-one's can either be conversational, involve the creation of content or concepts OR they can highly tailored working sessions. Brittany will "dive in" with you to help extract the answers and knowing already contained within you. 

Access to 60 Minute Conscious Mentorship Call

The Conscious Mentorship Program will cover the following topics: 

  • Leadership Development
  • Mindful Communication & Marketing
  • Finance & Operational Strategies
  • Innovative Business Design

All mastermind participants are welcome to "drop in" to a mentorship call and sharpen up their business practices. 

2x Mastermind “Up-Level” Partner Meetings

Throughout the 7 months, you will be partnered up with two other TRIBE Mastermind participants to specifically address issues and opportunities. We are co-creating a TRIBE and it is essential to get to know the other participants. This exercise will allow you to build community, trust and feel comfortable being vulnerable with others that have shared experiences. 

Private Online Forum

The online forum is open to TRIBE Mastermind participants, and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You can use the forum as a place to obtain feedback, share successes, ask for support and connect with your peers. 

Free Entry to Business Bootcamp

Join Brittany for a half-day Business Bootcamp Immersion. Details will be released soon on the EVENTS page. 

Free Entry to Prana-Preneur TRIBE Gathering

Join Brittany, your TRIBE, the mentorship crew, Prana-Preneur graduates, select individuals and organizations for a one-of-a-kind get together. Details will be releases soon on our EVENTS page. 

Discounted Prana-Preneurs Retreats

Visit the RETREAT page to see the retreats coming up in the next 12 months. Visit the EVENTS page for more details on immersions, workshops and networking opportunities. Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Access to Prana-Preneur Podcast

The Prana-Preneurs podcast will feature lectures by Brittany, interviews with some of our favorite influencers, potent thoughts, mental exercises and facilitated activities.  Podcasts make quality information accessible in a timeframe that works best for your schedule. 

MASTERMIND Course Outline

Upon registering for the TRIBE Mastermind, you will receive a 7-month program outline. 

Course Materials

Includes: Weekly Call Itineraries, Weekly Exercises and The Diamond Cutter, a book that will likely inspire your entrepreneurial journey. 

Focus Areas & Topics


  • Financial Strategy & Funding
  • Conscious Communication & Content Development
  • Business Development Strategy 
  • Operations & Creating a Culture


  • Mapping an Exit Strategy
  • Developing a Sales Strategy
  • Confident Communication & Public Speaking
  • Brand Development & Content Creation
  • Creative & Alternative Types of Funding 
  • Developing your company culture
  • 30 Year Planning & Building an EcoSystem
  • Identifying Gaps in Profitability
  • Entrepreneurial Time; work less, earn more
  • Mindset; Nourish + Maintain + Master
  • Limitations of the Mind and Self-Will
  • Sincere Leadership
  • Lifestyle Choices for Living at Highest Potential


Finally, You Found Your TRIBE.

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