Cultivating Conscious Entrepreneurs

12-month Mentorship for the Conscious Entrepreneur



Do you love what your yoga practice has done for your personal life? Do you want to learn how to integrate the practices & philosophies of yoga on your professional path?  Join me for 12-months of conscious, professional mentorship to experience fulfilling results of bringing alignment, integration  & wholeness to your business. You will work alongside a highly motivated group of entrepreneurs & together we will embark on a year-long journey to clarity, strategic action & significant impact. It will be a year of taking action; facilitated by Brittany, who brings her passion for sharing knowledge  & resources, and a commitment to long-term success.



Your ability to thrive will improve when you receive individualized attention and support. Each month we will take a dive deeply into leadership development, mindful business strategy, conscious communication, marketing with integrity, sustainable financial planning, entrepreneurial mindset & more. See the monthly session breakdowns below!



In joining this mentorship you will receive:

-2 group calls/month 

-1 one-on-one mtg/month

-An Art of Luxury Retreat

-A Sacred Strategy & Planning Retreat 

-Online Forum & Network

-Free Prana-Preneur Courses (including Mindful Marketing and Chakra Energy Systems For Your Business )

-Access to Prana-Preneur Resource Guide & Prana-Preneurs best practices

-A Prana-Preneur (TM) Certification

Create Abundance, Integrity and Alignment


Prana-Preneurs are those that have decided to listen to what is in their hearts and take the bold steps needed to turn their passions into their reality. Prana-Preneurs work hard to obtain the confidence needed to take responsibility for their home-grown successes. They know that they are meant to have a tremendous impact and they are willing to invest themselves wholeheartedly to do so. Prana-preneurs know when to seek support and they know that it must empower and support their journey to become the leaders that they are meant to be, doing what they are meant to be doing. Our individual dharma has the potential to liberate ourselves and Prana-preneurs take that freedom very seriously. 

Our Approach



We create all our mentorship and educational programs with the intent and vision of shifting entrepreneurial culture to one of consciousness and uplifting growth. 

Why Work With Us?


Mentorships are essential to business success. A Prana-Preneur mentorship will provide guidance and reinforce the professional skills of our mentees; making them more self-assured in all elements of their work. 

Join myself and other conscious entrepreneurs to be supported on your path to growing a business and creating a life you love. 

Meet Brittany- Entrepreneur, Yogi, Adventurer.

Business Owner

Brittany is fueled by creating soulful, passion-based organizations. She owns three yoga studios in Colorado, a nation-wide events business, runs a small non-profit, is an international community & economic development consultant and is actively growing Prana-Preneurs, a conscious entrepreneur coaching program to help individuals and studios elevate and radiate the positive effects of a daily, living yoga practice!

Living Yogini

Running an organization tests the limits of your practices off the mat. Brittany believes that mindfulness, compassion and a global focus can change an international capitalistic climate. She believes we can create long-lasting change; via one individual, or one organization at a time. She applies the principles of yoga to her daily life and her daily practice permeates all avenues of how she runs her businesses and interacts with the world. 


Brittany has been blessed to step out of the norm and truly live as a Prana-preneur. It has been an adventure; full of risk, fear, contemplation, challenge, patience, energy, grit and abundance. She knows it's not about the summit, it's about the journey. Everyday is an adventure, full of opportunities to continue to thrive and benefit all beings. It is her passion to be your biggest fan and to support you on your adventure! 

Testimonials from former Prana-Preneurs


"I have truly enjoyed being a part of Prana-Preneurs and receiving Brittany's invaluable guidance and inspiration. As a teacher and entrepreneur in the healing arts field, I have been seeking ways to magnify and fine-tune my offerings. With the individually-catered program support and Brittany's insight into successful heart-based entrepreneurship, I am able to more fully step into the gifts and services I have to share with the world, while strengthening my business from a financial standpoint - both important aspects in personal and professional growth.

I really appreciate how Brittany has carefully designed Prana-Preneurs to include one-on-one sessions and group meetings: in the private sessions, Brittany truly took the time to understand me, and to see beneath the layers of doubt or uncertainty, to help bring out what my biggest heart-offerings are. Then the group sessions are a wonderful space to share our passions, struggles and visions with the other participants and be inspired by each other's stories; all the while Brittany listens, orchestrates and weaves wisdom and practical advise together for us to take home to our business and lives. Prana-Preneurs is a truly unique, holistic, prosperity-based mentorship program that empowers particpants to claim those truths and heart-offerings that mean the most to us - which happen to be the magic key to greater prosperity and success. Of course this entrepreneurship path is a process, so it doesn't happen overnight, but this supportive program makes the process exciting, filled with joy and enthusiasm.

I highly recommend Prana-Preneurs to anyone who desires a boost of inspiration in their personal and professional life, and who wants to cultivate their inner power to create an empowered life.


"Prana-peuners has been such an asset to me both personally and professionally. In a world of constant motion, media,and overwhelming choices, the program has helped me gain clarity both on my goals and how to reach them. Since taking the program, my training's and workshops have sold out (or nearly sold out) because I know how to connect to my purpose and its my driving force for every business decision I make. Thank you Brittany, for helping me tap into that and for creating an environment of supportive, creative, entrepreneurs I can connect with time and time again." - Lydia, 500HR RYT, LMT, and Lifestyle Coach


"Since taking the program, my training's and workshops have sold out (or nearly sold out) because I know how to connect to my purpose and its my driving force for every business decision I make." - Amelia, Yoga Studio Manager, and Kids Yoga Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I speak to someone for more information?

Absolutely, you can email us with your questions at

or Call us at 970-349-0302 and we can answer any questions you might have!

When does the next group program begin?

The next 12-month Prana-Preneurs Mentorship will begin May 1st, 2019. 

How do I know if I am ready for this support?

You are always living and working at your edge and you're an expert at pushing your limits. Throughout you're life you have always had an idea of where you were headed but now you could use a little guidance, support that you can lean on in times of crisis and when you want to celebrate. You have the energy, the drive and you know that you are capable of operating at a higher level but now you're wondering, "what will be next?" You might be seeking more opportunities that are outside the norm, you might be talking about being outside of your comfort zone or maybe you feel stagnant or unsure- which is unfamiliar to you! Maybe you have a few projects that you're passionate about but you need someone to nurture those ideas and create a nourishing, safe environment so that you can leap! Does that sound like you? If so, then you are more than ready to embark on this journey of being a Prana-Preneur!

What kind of individuals/organizations do you work with?

We have experience working with; new businesses/organizations including start-ups or business acquisitions, existing businesses that seek growth, are pursuing diversification of their offering such as new retail opportunities and businesses that are seeking scalable opportunities. 

Some examples of former Prana-Preneur graduates: Fitness/Yoga Studio owners, Artists, Wellness-based Therapists, Educators (both public and private), Fitness Trainers, Yoga Teachers, Landscape Architects, Weight-loss & life coaches, coffee shop owners, Environmental advocates, event managers,  and leaders of non-profit organizations. 

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